JCCC student wins amazing gift

By: Arianna Poland

One lucky student and his family have been given the biggest gift: a new home from Habitat for Humanity.

Martin Baker, 20, and his family were notified by Elaina Fowler, director of JCCC’s Office of Volunteer Services, that they would be receiving the eighth Habitat for Humanity house being built in Overland Park. Fowler’s office, along with Habitat for Humanity, selected the Baker’s “because they’ve always contributed to student life here at JCCC. Both parents and their two children have participated in everything from sports to band to student government, and we wanted to be able to give back to them,” Fowler said.

Martin and his family will put in at least 30 hours of service helping Habitat for Humanity employees build their new house, and should be able to move into their new home in February.

“It’s a lot of hard work preparing the house, but it’s all going to worth it,” Martin said.

His father, Terry, was laid off a couple years ago and after his younger sister Lauren came down with some unexpected medical expenses, they were forced to move in with his aunt in Lenexa.

“It’s been OK, but we always felt like we were intruding. Now we will have a place to call home,” Janice Baker, his mother, said.

The family applied for the Habitat house in May and found out in late September they were selected from several dozen applicants. Janice couldn’t believe they’d been selected.

“When Elaina [Fowler] told us over the phone that we had been selected, I couldn’t stop screaming. This is a dream come true, and JCCC and Habitat for Humanity have made it possible,” she said.

Martin’s gratitude for such a wonderful gift is evident.

“I can’t thank the college enough for this generous act. I’ll always be proud to be a Cavalier.” he said.

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