F*#k Cancer

Quick- think of the scariest word you know. What is it? Death? Failure? Loneliness?

For me, it’s Cancer. It’s the scariest word I know. And it pisses me off.

I can’t name many things I hate – in fact, I don’t know that I hate anything. Well, maybe one thing – cancer. I. Hate. It.

I hate that it exists. I hate that it causes fear when you hear the word. I. Hate. It.

Cancer is the ultimate terrorist. It attacks without warning. It does not discriminate. It grows quickly and silently. It strikes fear into the hearts of all. It winds its way through our bodies, laughing as we try to stop it. It teases us, taunts us. Says, “try all the medicine in the world. Use all technologies available. HA HA! I can’t be stopped. I can’t be defeated. I’m Cancer! I’m unbeatable! I’m uncurable! I’m Cancer- so fuck you human!”

Well you know what, Cancer? FUCK YOU!!!

You are stoppable. You are defeatable. You are beatable. And you will be cured.

There will be a day – a day when you won’t be the scariest word I know. For now, know this: I. Hate. You.

And until that day arrives, hear this – fuck cancer.

*…this post is written in loving honor, dedication and memory of all who’ve been affected by Cancer…*

2 thoughts on “F*#k Cancer

  1. That is one of Will’s goals. The company that he and some friends wish to start will deal with genetic mapping for the purpose of creating tailor-made treatments hat will have a higher success rate against diseases like cancer, diabetes, lupus, CF, etc…

    Yes I agree cancer is a terrifying thing, and as much as we think we have become numb to it because of its commonality now; it still shocks the system when you hear it is possibly your turn to fight.

    It’s been a year since I heard those possibility words. It’s been a year since the tests came back indecisive. It’s been a year of worrying about when anything will become conclusive. Every pain I feel in my breast, every cold sweat, every bout of lethargy causes worry, just because of the possibility.

    I am not afraid of death. I am not afraid of the end result of cancer. I am afraid of the pain and suffering of my family and friends. I am afraid of the distortion of my body to the point of no longer looking human. I am afraid of the pity unduly given by strangers. I am afraid of the defining label that cancer gives those fighting and in remission, but not of the death that comes afterward.


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