Reflections of 2010

Just over a year ago, Brett and I embarked on what many people would consider a scary adventure. At the time, I didn’t think it was so scary – but in hindsight I understand why people would be concerned for us.

What was this scary adventure? We moved. No big deal really. People move all the time (I mean, I once moved seven times in 18 months). What made this move different was that we had no jobs (I’d quit mine to make the move and Brett had been laid off ten months before that). We sold our home and while we had a place to live, we hadn’t purchased a new home prior to our move.

Essentially, we were homeless and jobless.

But I was never really worried. We have a great support network and had a place to live as soon as we arrived in Kansas. The next day, Brett had a job and a week later, so did I.

Looking back at the year that’s passed I feel truly blessed to have had such a great year knowing that there are many people who did not have the good fortune Brett and I have had.

So, here are my reflections of why 2010 was such a great year:

1) The previously mentioned move. My only reservation when we decided to leave Texas was “I’m going to have to make new friends.” I’d spent three years making the few friends I had in Texas and if you know me well, you know making friends is hard for me. But after a year in my new state I am happy to say I’ve made some great friends and look forward to spending more years with them.

2) Landing great jobs. As I said earlier, neither Brett or I had a job when we left Texas. We both had interviews lined up, but no offers. During a year where many people were still losing their jobs, I feel fortunate to have been offered a job I truly enjoy. Same thing for Brett. I like that he likes his job and is very active and involved with the company for whom he works.

3) The addition of family members: April brought the birth of my second niece Riley Ann Wilmoth. She is a doll. The year also included my brother’s marriage to Desira Croney and Janine and Clayton’s engagement. It was a busy year!

4) Milestones: Brett’s 30th birthday. Ronnie’s 21st and Janine’s 20th. Maura Lee turned 1 and my youngest nephew Logan started pre-school and Lucas is in Kindergarten. Brett’s oldest niece (and Goddaughter) Amelia started preschool also. Lots of babies were born and conceived this year. Too many to list, but what a joy! And weddings! And engagements! Same thing. Congratulations to all our recently wedded and engaged friends and to the new parents and parents to be!

5) First steps: In August I started school again after a four year break. It was something I wanted to do and I always knew I would go back to finish. This year felt like the right time. I was EXCITED to finish. I still have a couple more classes but hopefully, a year from now I’ll be writing that I’ve completed my degree. I’m looking forward to that.

6) Perhaps my favorite thing about 2010 is that it’s one more year that Brett and I spent together. It wasn’t always an easy year – but we made it through the year. Together. We celebrated four years of togetherness in August. I think this year more than any other brought us closer together and confirmed what we already knew – we’re crazy about each other. Well, maybe I’m just crazy, but we really really like each other a whole lot. (:

So, like I said, 2010 has been a great year. I’m excited for 2011. Specifically for a new niece or nephew (NEPHEW!) from Ronnie and Des and for Elyse and Will’s wedding in September. Most of all August, for a fifth celebration with Brett.

I hope your 2011 is just as rad!

Happy New Year, you awesome Humans!

3 thoughts on “Reflections of 2010

  1. Its the lil things.. having great friends and family to help you make your steps along the way really is a blessing. Faith is also an AWESOME thing to have.. I’m glad that this year has been so great for you.. and is definately a step in the right direction in your new life in KS.

    Congrats on 4 yrs together!


  2. You are now a cheesy housewife that should be on Housewives of Kansas City(The not murdery side).

    Reflections on my 2010 my best friend still lives not in the state I live! Boooo!


  3. 2010 was a blessed year for all of us. Having you in our lives has made it even better. We love you and all the love and smiles you bring into our lives. -Teresa


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