Viva Vallarta

Last month I was fortunate enough to take an amazing vacation.

Thanks to Brett’s uncle (and his aunt having her birthday to prompt the trip) the whole family was able to go! It was a surprise party for his aunt, and his uncle (and Brett, and his uncle’s assistant) have been planning it for a year! And even though there were several things that almost spoiled the surprise, the whole thing managed to go off without the surprise being ruined!!!!

Mary was very surprised to see her whole family in MEXICO!

That’s right, this surprise party took place in another country! There were 17 of us. And it was such a wonderful time.

I feel so thankful to be included as part of this family. Everyone is so genuinely kind and they truly get along and enjoy each other’s company.

Here are a few shots from the trip.


                      Our view from the dining room terrace.


Our day in Sayulita.  My favorite place on Earth.


Brett and me after surfing.  I’m fierce!


Brett as a living mannequin in a boutique in downtown Vallarta.


At the Cheeky Monkey.  Best drinks in town (and SUPER CHEAP)!


Brett’s sister, mom and cousin.  Three of the nicest women I know.


A huge!!! THANK YOU to Dave and Mary for such an amazing trip!

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