Spring Break

Spring Break is almost here and I know most people are really looking forward to it (especially my teacher friends)!  Some will be traveling and others will simply being catching up on things they feel they’ve neglected.  As for me, I will be making sure I don’t make any missteps and compromise my upcoming GRADUATION!!!!!!

Today, I received my graduation tickets and I could not be more excited – I even did a song and dance in the kitchen, much to Brett’s amusement.

In addition to making sure I graduate, I’ll also be job searching – something I dislike only slightly less than moving, which I will do almost anything to get out of doing.  While losing my job was definitely a shock, it puts me in a unique position to pursue whatever field I desire – perhaps something degree related?!?!  I’ve already reached out to my contacts and I’ve begun updating my resume, so I believe that I’ll be able to find something.

Also, during the break I will be doing something really exciting – something that I’ve thought about doing for awhile, but never had the courage to follow through…. I’ll be auditioning for X-Factor!!!  I was going to audition for American Idol last summer when they were in St. Louis, but I was too scared.  I figured that since I’m not working right now, this is the perfect time to face my fear and do it.  Best case, I make it through the first round of auditions.  Worst case, I don’t but I’m a better person for having done it.

I’m really nervous, but I’m also pretty excited about it.

I hope you have a wonderful break as well, however you chose to spend it!

7 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Thanks Linda! I appreciate the encouragement and I will definitely be blogging about the experience.

    And May 2013 will be here before you know it!


    • It really does! 53?! Is that all! Sheesh! I need to get my hiney in gear and get my gown and send out announcements!!!


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