If you have been following the other site I maintain,, then you know that for the last year I have been planning my wedding. Well, I am happy to say that the wedding has come and gone and it was simply perfect!

With the wedding two weeks behind me, I have started updating all of the 79034032 things that come along with a woman getting married and changing her name. One of those things is this site. I have updated the url to reflect my new name. Everything that I’ve ever written is still here, but if you have this saved as a favorite or a quick link, you will need to update the link, as the old link will give you the WordPress equivalent of a 404 error.

Basically, it will tell you that no longer exists and that the author has deleted it; which is only partially true. I didn’t delete it, I just renamed it.

But, either way, that link will no longer work.

Now that the wedding has passed, I hope to be able to update this on a more regular basis – especially since we will spend the next year planning our first anniversary vacation! Stayed tuned for more details on that (the majority of that journey will be documented at the other site)

I hope you will continue to come back and check out what I have to say!

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