Ode to a Name

Arianna Poland.

It’s a damn good name. And for 30 years, 9 months and 27 days it was my name. My full, legal name.

We had an awesome time. We did incredible (and not so incredible) things together, Name.

We were born. We moved around the country. We made friends. Graduated high school. College. Fell in love. Got engaged.

7 months ago we got married, Name. We got married to a new name. And while I wore you fiercely and proudly, today with that same fierce pride, I release you to wherever names go when they no longer exist.

As of 12:30 this afternoon I have a new name. Not because I dislike you, Old Name. Not in the least. I love you more than I can possibly express with mere words.

No, today I have a new name because I know that my name alone does not define who I am. Actions do that. And so, today I embrace my New Name.

Arianna Rose Suddreth.

New Name, let’s go change the world.

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