#ProofingMatters, No.007

In addition to hate reading the Kansas City Star on a daily basis, I occasionally watch KSHB Action 41 news, the NBC affiliate in the Kansas City market.

When I was in college, one of my media teachers would use real life examples of fantastic journalism in order to help explain the concepts he was trying to teach us. He is a wonderful teacher and I still ask him questions today. He also used real life examples of what terrible journalism looks like and, more times than not, those examples came from KSHB.

I’m glad to see, all these years later, they are still providing him with plenty of material to use, as presented by today’s #ProofingMatters image.



Hey, Action 41 News…you’re doing it wrong. The name you are looking for is Jeremy Maclin. I realize he’s new and all (sarcasm: he isn’t), but at least get his name right.

How did this even happen?! R and C aren’t even on the same row of the keyboard!!!

How can you be this inept and still be a station?

#ProofingMatters, Friends. Stay vigilant.

And if you see any #ProofingMatters miscues out in the wild, feel free to send them my way, along with your name and where the offense occurred and I’ll include it in a new post!

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