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#ProofingMatters, No. 001

Everyday I spend time on the internet. I read. A lot. I read the news. I read social media. I read about sports. And every. single. day. I run across an error that should have been caught in proofing but wasn’t. And it drives me nuts. Because it’s pretty easy to avoid. Just PAY ATTENTION! 

Normally, I screen shot the error and post it to various social media platforms. But yesterday, after multiple days of posting these errors, a friend of mine suggested I start a blog for them. Well, I already have a blog, so I’m starting a new series; #ProofingMatters. 

This series will be images of the blunders I run across in my daily internet browsing. 

And in honor of the first post, I bring you not one, but three errors I have found – this week.



You can’t have advertising in your name and use the wrong version of the word “ad.”


That isn’t Villanova’s logo…๐Ÿ˜•


OFF. The word you are looking for is OFF.