I’ll have the Humanity. Hold the crazy, please.

So I often refer to people as Humans. I mean, I know they *are* Humans, but instead of saying “Oh Steve? He’s a good person.” I frequently say, “he’s a good Human.”

I know it’s probably weird. I’m used to being weird. But I choose to say Human instead of person. I’m hoping that by saying Human it will help people recognize Humanity around them.
It seems so easy to be mad at a person. Have you ever tried to stay mad at a Human? It’s hard. By seeing them as a Human and not just a person, you recognize yourself too. As a Human. As one of Humanity.

Maybe we should all try to see each other as Humans and not just as people of a particular race, religion, orientation etc. Because we are all part of Humanity. Gay, straight. Christian or Muslim. Black or White. We are all Humans. And we should all be tolerant. I don’t have to agree with you, but I can be tolerant of your view and beliefs and you should be tolerant of mine in return.

And when one person fails to see the Humanness of another, Humanity fails too. (Pastor Terry Jones, I’m talking to you. You too Fred Phelps. And all you other crazy, radical Humans).

So take care good Humans, and take care of each other.

Remember, “kindness can change the world.”

Humanity depends on it.

One thought on “I’ll have the Humanity. Hold the crazy, please.

  1. First off, love the article. A simple replacement of a commonly used word, with another, meaning the same, but more…I wish it would work. But we live in a world where we want things now, fast, and everthing is designed for our convienence…thus the majority of the pop is selfish. I wish everyone would just be nice. Living by 2 rules-
    Rule number 1-remember that you never know what someone else is going through.
    Rule number 2-be nice.
    Its simple to say, but the harsh truth is that most people would say they agree, but dont have time to focus on those rules at this time..

    One issue with your article. you spoke of being tolerent of others and their views. Well I dont think that is being very nice. By being tolerent, arent you saying, I completely disagree with you, but I will deal with it? If you truely want to be nice, and be a good person, you would make a strong attempt to understand what it is that you dont feel strongly about. Maybe say that you would become educated on alternate views and then make a final decision upon full knowledge. I have always thought tolerent was just a great way to cover up saying “Im right, your wrong, but I will listen to your inferior views because Im better than you.. just my opinion, I would not have typed this much If I didnt enjoy reading it, so dont take this the wrong way, friendly blog banter…


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