Who Dat? That’d be FOOTBALL SEASON!

The air is cooler, the leaves are beginning to turn, i can smell Fall around the corner. My favorite time of year has finally arrived!


I can think of no time more exciting, more energetic and more frenzied than football season. College and professional football fans alike share an unmatched enthusiasm for their team. I’m talking about screaming at the tv, cursing at the officials and hollering at the players. If you’ve never witnessed the spectacle go to any bar on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I’m not a college football diehard and never have been. I am an NFL fan. Philadelphia Eagles!

I spend my Sundays screaming at the television and getting upset at stupid play calls, poor field reads and dropped passes. And love every minute of it.

I mean honestly, is there anything better than staring at 22 dudes wearing spandex and anhilating each other for three hours while listening to a chorus of Al Michaels and the always incredible Cris Collinsworth? (I’m sure not everybody agrees that Collinsworth is incredible, but he’s better than John). Unless of course it’s an afternoon game and you’re listening to Joe and Troy.

And I don’t only watch my boys. If there is a game on I’m watching it. I watched the Saints/Vikings game last night and while I didn’t particularly care which team won (though I was secretly cheering for the Saints) I still had that football thrill!

Is there anything more amazing than watching football? Any time of year as awesome as football season? Probably not (although the “hunt for October” is pretty thrilling).

So cheer on football lovers. The next five months will be bliss!

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