1 and done (updated)

Did anybody else happen to watch the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday? If not let me summarize what happened. Michael Vick took control of a team that is dying for a leader. When Kolb went down in week one with a concussion Vick came in and, even though they lost, did a great job leading. He became the ONLY quarterback over the age of 30 to rush for over 100 yards in a single game. You hear me McNabb? And last Sunday at Ford Field he was on fire. He looked smarter, stronger, better. He looked like a starter. And yet next week when the Eagles head to Jacksonville, Kolb will be starting.

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I think Kolb can’t be a great starter, it’s that I *know* Vick is. He’s experienced. He’s been in this situation before.

I don’t understand Reid’s thinking on this. Or Jeff Laurie’s. Why did we spend the money for Vick to have him stand on the sidelines? It just doesn’t make sense. It makes everything harder. It makes practice more difficult because the players have to run different plays based on who’s quarterbacking. Kolb throws right handed. Vick’s a lefty.

I know there’s no actual quarterback controversy in Philly, but there *should* be! And the coaches and organization should be listening to all of the sound reasoned advice that the sports analysts are giving. If you were a player who would you rather have leading your team, an inexperienced third year guy, or a guy who can get things done?

Eagles head coach Andy Reid names Michael Vick starting quarterback.

I guess I just had to send the vibes out into the world and sports karma took care of the rest!!!!


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