From Mississippi to Pennsylvania: A Weekend of Worry

This has been a rough weekend to say the least. I am by nature a chronic worrier. Maybe it’s an Irish thing. Maybe it’s a Catholic thing. Or maybe it’s just a me thing. Whatever it is, I worry.

So when my brother told me what feels like forever ago that he was in fact going to be deploying (for the second time) I immediately began to worry. And worry. Now, the day has arrived where he leaves and my good byes have been said. I got to see my brother a couple weekends ago and it was awesome. I had a blast. But the whole time I was with him all I could do was worry. What if…?

This is my lovely brother. . . he's such a goofball.

Ronnie and Baby Maura

My niece Maura, my brother and I at the Zoo

Ronnie and Des at his deployment party

from left: My sister, Maura, Ronnie, me and my sister Janine

Now, this past weekend I received some troubling news about my grandmom in Philadelphia. And all I can do is worry. What if…?

My Mom-Mom and me last July.

Pool Party at my cousin Kathy's

Mom Mom and my cousin Mike at the pool party

I don’t like to worry. But I don’t know how to stop. Because, what if…?

5 thoughts on “From Mississippi to Pennsylvania: A Weekend of Worry

  1. As far as the worrying and the deployment go, I found that the anxiety and anticipation of the deployment were so much worse in the “worrying” department than after Luke landed safely in Afghanistan. The worry has mostly dissipated by now, and it’s just a way of life. But leading up to it, we were both worrying machines. Hang in there, lady!


  2. What would life be like if we didn’t worry it’s part of life the thing you have to realize is no matter how much you worry you can’t change what is… What if I drove the night Tiff was in her car accident???? I let it take control of my life for 10 yrs!!! Be there for your brother write to him and pray for him and your grandma pray for her and try to be positive to worry alot will only hurt you!!!


  3. What if … It’s a normal thing just don’t let it run your life ,, you can’t change what is or what will be .. Trust me what if I drove Tiff the night of her accident… What if.. for 10 yrs I let it take over my life.. I can’t change it so I do my best for Tiff and I and Michael to live life!!!


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