common (dis)courtesy

In a time and age when people want their own way as quickly and easily as possible it still never ceases to amaze me how lazy, inconsiderate and rude people can be. AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT! Or care. That’s what drives me most crazy.

I know we’re all guilty of forgetting our manners from time to time, but hopefully you try to remedy your lack of courtesy as quickly as possible and offer a very sincere apology.

But recently I’ve noticed a large lack of courtesy – from a particular age group of people, the 20-22 age group. I mean, WTH is WRONG with you?!

Please and thank you are some of the nicest things you can say to people. And what have you done in your short existence that makes you feel so entitled? To everything?!

Here’s a tip – quit being assholes. You’re not entitled to anything except life, freedom and equality. And quit throwing tantrums. You aren’t four. Grow up. And get jobs.

I know it’s hard to find jobs right now. But WORK is hard. Get used to it. It’s hard. Not impossible. And just because you didn’t get the “jobofyourdreams” doesn’t mean you get to give up and spend the next eleventy thousand years complaining about everything. Because let me tell you something, EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS. And nobody wants to listen to how unfair your life is. Because life isn’t fair.

If it were, bad guys would always lose, good guys would always win, babies would never die and nobody would be starving to death. But bad guys do win. Good guys do lose. Babies do die and people do starve to death.

It isn’t fair. But it’s life.

So remember your manners. Show some common courtesy. And quit being whiny bitches. It’s pissing everybody off – most of us are just too polite to say so.

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