#ProofingMatters, No. 006

In this week’s edition of #ProofingMatters we witness a graphics department that just gave up, a tattoo artist that should probably stick to pictures and an incredibly unfortunate sports headline.

To kick things off, let’s start with ESPN. There is so much wrong with this where do you begin?

1. You don’t need commas in this sentence. 2. My eyes are bleeding.

Spotted somewhere in Philadelphia. From the best worst offender in Kansas City television news, KSHB encourages its viewers to hire gas prices. What am I hiring them to do, exactly?Sometimes, spelling and grammar are hard.

The little known 51st state, Colorodo.

And, finally, this headline about the Philadelphia Phillies pitchers striking out batters.

Just. No. 

Keep proofing, Friends. It matters.


Guest Writing: The Life Enthusiast

As many of you know, I occasionally guest write for my friends. 

This month, my friend Britt asked if I would contribute to her blog series, The Life  Enthusiast Chronicles. As this is one of my favorite things on the Internet, I was thrilled to be asked, and immediately agreed to be a part of it.

Each month, Britt asks a different writer she knows to answer the same question: what makes you enthusiastic about life?

So, head on over and check out my answer to the question. 

While you’re there, be sure to browse through the other posts and if you love Britt’s work as much as I do, buy one of her awesome novels! My personal favorite is Nola Fran Evie if you need a starting point. ☺️

You can buy her books on Amazon

#ProofingMatters, No. 005

It’s been a little while since I’ve gathered the blunders of the internet and posted them for your viewing…pleasure? Several of these are cringe-inducing, eye-twitching bad. Enjoy!

First, I was watching television about a month ago and saw this error. I don’t think that’s the name of the movie; and Tina Fey thinks you should have proofed your graphic, too.


Then, there was this headline from Fox 4 in Kansas City. I kept looking for a direct quote from someone, but couldn’t find one. Hey, Fox 4 KC – I don’t think “speeded up” is a thing. Pretty sure it should be ‘sped up.’

FullSizeRender 5

And making sure they weren’t left out of the bad journalism game, The Kansas City Star made sure to include this sentence that included the wrong word altogether. Didn’t feel everyone with joy? How about fill?FullSizeRender 4The Star has to make sure they are the best at everything, even if what they are best at is being the worst. This story about Buck O’Neil proved to be too big an undertaking for them when they decided to change Stephen Colbert’s name to Steven Colbert.


This paragraph from Deadspin was pretty confusing. So, the Eagles are taking a bath on about $9 million in dead money, but they clear ten dollars worth of cap space? $10 doesn’t seem like it is going to do very much to help pay a football player’s multi-million dollar contract, but maybe I’m wrong.

FullSizeRender 3But Deadspin wasn’t the only sports-related account that had a tough time. Mike Tyson apparently didn’t realize what basketball game he was watching and congratulated the women of the University of Cincinnati (which he spelled incorrectly) on their fourth consecutive national title in basketball. Only one problem with that – Cincinnati didn’t play in the title game. The University of Connecticut did. And THEY won their fourth consecutive title. IMG_8234

Finally, I bring you this amazing piece of journalism from the shining beacon of ethics and morals in reporting, TMZ. A salt. A salt? A SALT?!?! I’m praying that this was meant to be tongue-in-cheek since it took place at a restaurant, but I’m still calling foul. Just spell it correctly. Hat tip to my friend Brandon for sending me the screen grab.


Keep proofing, Friends. It matters.

#ProofingMatters, No. 004

 In this week’s edition of #ProofingMatters, I present not one but THREE errors, all from the Kansas City Star. 

First, there was this omission of the word “the.”  

Luckily, I was able to find the missing “the” a few paragraphs later…it was hiding in a sentence that should have included the word “to” instead. 😣  

Finally, nobody was filled with joy after reading this sentence. 

And, as a special bonus, I give you this:

During the CNN GOP Town Hall earlier this week, Donald Trump  continued saying he was self-funding his own campaign. Anderson Cooper called him out saying “you solicit donations on your website,” Trump responded, “No, I don’t.”

Well, Mr. Trump, I checked your website. Maybe YOU should check your website.


#ProofingMatters, No. 003

From business marquees, to presidential candidates’ tweets, the last few weeks had some struggles.

First, there was this sign spotted by a friend in Oklahoma. I don’t want to say that Oklahoma has an education problem, after all, that’s where I earned my education, but the state is drastically cutting funding for education. Maybe they should rethink that strategy.


You’re doing it wrong Mazzio’s. Also, this is why Oklahoma should be spending MORE on education, not less. H/T to Katy Jones for the image.

Then, there was this gaffe from KMBC in Kansas City. THE Iowa State? The Iowa State what?!



THE Iowa State? The Iowa State what?

This one from ESPN might be one of my favorites, though. Instant awesome: ESPN sends an update about a spelling bee…misspells spelling bee.

That’s the wrong “bee.”


 And then there’s this. There are so many things wrong with it, I don’t know where to start. First, that’s not how you spell Wichita. Second, I’m assuming the Pachyderm Club is a Republican thing, but your friend lives at the club? Why? If he’s such a great businessman, why doesn’t he live in a house?

So. Many. Questions. 


So. Many. Questions.

Finally, there’s this. This was sent to me by a friend. Color bowels, huh? Uh, you might wanna get that checked out by a doctor. Shout out to Melissa Davis for the find. 


I’m not a doctor, but you might want to get that checked.

Keep proofing, Friends. It matters.