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Ringing in the positive

While at dinner with my father and sister and brother in-law last night my husband leaned over to me and very quietly said ‘I would like the next three sentences out of your mouth to be positive.’

Naturally, my immediate reaction was to go on the offense and my husband knew I would and told me ‘I know you’re trying to be funny. I don’t think you realize it’s negative. I was just making you aware.’

Funny thing is, he was right. (Don’t tell him I said that). I was trying to be funny and I didn’t realize I was being so negative.

And like it or not, I think this is something that I do often without even realizing it. Another example?

During a recent conversation about movies and actors I stated that I do not like Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone asked me why and I don’t really have a good reason. She just bugs me. But while I was having the same conversation with my best friend via text message, I said the reason I don’t like her is because everyone praises her for lashing out at the Hollywood bullies and ridiculousness of the industry name calling and the meanness of it all but she’s doing the same thing. She’s just attacking the the attackers. Just because you’re being mean to the meanies doesn’t mean you’re not being mean.

And then my best friend said ‘btw that’s you!’

Man. I suck.

I don’t want to be mean. And I don’t want to be negative. I’m the kid who tattooed the phrase ‘kindness can change the world’ on her wrist. The person who brought home an entire litter of flea infested puppies that were dumped on the road because I was afraid they were going to get run over. Or eaten by coyotes. I’m the nice person.

But recently I’ve been made aware that I’m not. I’m the mean person. And Humanity, I owe you a giant apology.

So, in 2014 I’m going to focus on the positive, pay more attention to my attitude, and make each day a reason to be thankful. Having just come off my favorite season, I think I need to do a better job at giving thanks all year instead of from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Here’s to 2014 and positivity!

Looking Ahead….

Every year for the past several years I’ve sat down with my computer and written reflections about the year behind me.  I wrap up the entire year in several paragraphs trying to convey the major events and milestones that took place in my life that year, but I realized I never take the time to write about the future.  I never stop to look ahead.

I don’t really make resolutions for the new year.  Not that I don’t have any resolve, I just don’t think I need to make promises to myself, especially when I usually don’t tell anyone what they are so there is no one to hold me accountable if I don’t keep my self-made promise.  I usually decide to continue to try to be a good person.  To be kind to others.  Help the less fortunate when able.  Be quick with a smile.  Those are things that I think we can all resolve to do on a daily basis and we don’t need a new year’s resolution to do them.  We should be doing them anyway.

That’s not really the point though, so back to my initial thought.  Looking ahead.  I wrote my 2012 wrap up a few days ago and while I certainly have a lot to be thankful for in 2012, I decided I should look to my future and see what 2013 holds for me.

To begin the year, I have a job that I truly enjoy with a company I couldn’t be prouder to work for.

Looking around me, I have the best family (even if they drive me nuts sometimes).  I find myself often thinking that people who don’t have siblings are missing out on one of the greatest gifts on Earth.  I’ve said more than once that I consider myself truly fortunate to be in a unique position with my siblings; I have the gift of being both a little sister and a big sister.  I’m a little sister to a sister, and big sister to two sisters and a brother.  How lucky am I that I get to be the sister to not only sisters but to a brother as well?  Sisters are some of the first friends you make (followed closely by your cousins).  Brothers are a strange beast to be sure.  They smell different than sisters do, and they do weird things that most sisters don’t do.  But I truly feel that I have been given one of life’s greatest treasures by having my sisters and brother in my life.

I also have the most amazing friends.  They are patient, funny, smart, and understanding.  Above all they are loyal and trustworthy.  I know that my friends are there for me when I need them, even when I’m being a complete flake.

Top that off with an engagement to the greatest guy. In eight months I will take one of the best walks of my life toward him with my Dad at my side.  After that walk we will party the night away with our family and friends around us and the next day we will take a wonderful week long trip to an island neither one of us has been to.  How blessed can one woman be?

I have a major birthday to look forward to as well.  One that has me excited and curious, but anxious as well.  I love birthdays, especially milestone birthdays, but as this is my first major milestone birthday in quite a while, I’m not sure what to expect.  Will I feel any different?  Will there be new expectations that come along with my new age?  Are there new health risks I should be worried about?  These are the things that I think about.

But, this year is full of many more blessings.  I am lucky to have a home that provides me with shelter, warmth, and safety.  I have a pantry and refrigerator full of food, and a vehicle that is nice and safe.

I ask again, how blessed can one woman be?

When I take everything listed above and combine it into a nice, neat, little package I can’t help but realize how wonderful 2013 is going to be.  With blessings like that how can my year be anything less than amazing?

If I were to make a resolution for 2013 it would be this: to continue to focus on the positive things in my life.  I realize not every day is going to be perfect, but there will be perfect moments in every day.  I hope I will always be able to see that moment, and that I will remember to look for it.  I hope that I don’t get so caught up in the mundane details life requires I miss the beauty in the smallest of things.  I hope that I always notice how beautiful the sun is when it sets.  That I always see the light at the end of the tunnel and most importantly, that I always remember no matter how rough of a day I might be having that I don’t have to bear the burden alone.  I have family and friends that are there for me to help, to listen, to offer advice when needed, to provide guidance when necessary, and to give hugs when there are no words required.

My hope for you this year is that you, too, will always remember to search for the bright spot in your life.  Even when times seem the darkest, reach for the light.  Hold onto it, and seek it always.

Life is a beautiful thing.  Don’t spend it surrounded by negativity and darkness.

Happy New Year

So 2012’s wrap up is a bit later than I had intended, but as today is Epiphany, and the Christmas season is officially over, today seems like the perfect day to complete this.

Each year, I go back and read the previous year’s reflections to see how the current year was different.  Reading through last year’s post I am smiling as I remember how truly blessed I am.

This year was a whirlwind of emotions and trials, ups and downs.  The impending ‘end of the world’ apocalypse that was supposed to happen obviously did not (thank goodness for that).  So, here are my reflections for 2012:

1) The year started off pretty uneventful, just like most other years.  But shortly after the first of the year, I lost my job.  It was devastating to me.  I didn’t know what we were going to do.  But, whenever one door closes another one opens, right?  It took longer than I wanted it to, but I am happy to say that I found a job.  One that I truly like going to each day.  I work for an incredible company and couldn’t be happier to be part of the team.

2) Charity is important to us, so we try to attend as many events as possible throughout the year.  This year we once again attended Jazzoo which has become our favorite charity event.  The benefactors of the event this year were the Sumatran Tigers who received a new habitat to lounge around and explore.  We were also able to attend three 5Ks; Head for the Cure – a race that raises money and awareness for brain cancer; Free to Breath – a race that raises money and awareness for lung cancer; and our company hosted their first ever race benefitting the kids at Della Lamb.  We are truly fortunate to be able to participate in so many events.  My hope for 2013 is that we are able to continue to help others.

3) Last year I wrote that I was in school and was almost finished.  I am so happy to say that I GRADUATED!  In May I officially became an alumnae of The University of Central Oklahoma forever becoming a Broncho.  My family hosted a cook out for me at a lake in Oklahoma and Brett’s family hosted a cook out at a park in Kansas a couple of weeks later.  It is one of my proudest moments.

4) The summer was full of busy-ness as always.  Lots of trips to the lake.  Boat rides, cook outs, fireworks, bon fires and topped off with an October reunion to reminisce about the Mexico trip last October.  My favorite part about the summer is the amount of family time that is had.  We are truly fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family.

5) Since the world in general is cyclical, some sadness was bound to creep into the year.  In June our beloved Bogey died.  Even now there is still an emptiness and there are still little things that set me to tears, but I am happy knowing that Bogey is no longer living with whatever pain he was carrying.

6) After a three-year house hunt (please note that those were not three entirely active years), we found the most wonderful house and made an offer.  On my birthday we found out that our offer was accepted and that the wonderful house was going to be our wonderful home!  Talk about an awesome birthday present!!  We moved in July 6th and have settled in nicely to our new home.  We hosted our first joint family dinner at Thanksgiving and having our families together to celebrate my favorite holiday was a dream come true for me.  Having our first Christmas in our new home was just as wonderful.  I may have gone a bit overboard decorating the house, but it looked beautiful.  For the first time in six years, we had a live tree for Christmas.  It was amazing.  I can’t wait to spend more Christmases here.

7) And, as always, my very favorite part of this year is that it is one more that Brett and I spent together.  Number six.  But this was my favorite year together by far.  In August we celebrated our sixth year together.  We went to dinner and exchanged gifts like we always do and then for some fun we headed over to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  I’ve always loved art museums, but the Nelson has undoubtedly become my favorite one because it’s where Brett proposed!  After six wonderful years of dating, we are going to be taking a walk down the aisle.  Keep your eyes open for Save the Dates and invitations, and keep your August calendar open!  And if you’d like to follow the wedding preparations, you can head on over to our wedding site.

So, there’s my wrap up for 2012.  It was a pretty exciting year. There were some bumps in the road, but overall, 2012 was a pretty awesome year and will probably go down as my favorite year (so far – I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be my new favorite).

I hope that your 2012 was everything you hoped it would be, brought you everything you needed, most of the things you wanted, and above all, was spent with family, friends, laughter and love.  If it wasn’t everything you needed it to be, then I hope 2013 is a better year for you.

Happy New Year!